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Flanging machine LS 01

The flanging machine LS 01 is designed for pressing the edges (trimming) of ventilation piping.  It can work with circular, square and rectangular piping sections. Its application can be extended for instance for the fabrication of eaves gutters, various ventilation piping and fume ducts.

Simple operation and unusually high efficiency make the LS 01 very popular equipment for sheet metal work. Our customers appreciate its high reliability and lasting quality of fabricated parts. A matter of course is available service or modifications on customer’s request

Flanging machine

Technical Parameters

Max. length of pressed edge 2 000 mm
Max. piping size Ø 1 000 mm
Min. piping size Ø 120 mm
Edge pressing speed 7 500 mm/min
Power consumption 1,1 kW
Machine weight 517 kg


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