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Equipment for machining the wheel tread profiles of rail vehicle wheelsets

Patent No. 288116
Date of issue: 21.2.2001
The essence of the invention is the principle of axial drive of the machined wheelset.

Underfloor lathe

Patent No. 293000
Date of issue: 20.11.2003

The essence of the invention is the tilting of axial drives.

Equipment for measurement and subsequent evaluation of the mutual geometry of individual wheelsets

Patent No. 296271
Date of issue: 22.12.2005
The essence of the solution is the simultaneous measurement of the axles of one bogie on a lathe, and by a lifting device located in front of and behind the lathe.

Launch of new website

Dear visitors, on 13.04.2015 we launched the new website of our company. We hope that you will like the new form and always find in it the information you need.

Ivan Blyznets
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