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Tube Bending Machine XOT 80 CNC

TUBE BENDING MACHINE XOT 80 CNCThe development of the tube bender have been resolved within the Corporate Research and Development Program IMPULS which was realized under financial support from the Czech household budget through the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade.

This product links to the successful types of the XOTR, XOTM a XOTL series. The machine is primarily designed for professional industrial manufacture, for spatial cold tube bends, although its concept makes is also suited for the needs of piece- and small series manufacture.

It is designed for bending thin-walled and thick-walled steel tubes up to Ø 80 mm.

4 reasons for procuring the XOT 80 CNC

  1. Easy operation – the tube bender is equipped with a Siemens control system and operated from touch panel.
  2. Versatility - it allows precise and high-quality spatial cold tube bends in the Ø range 10 - 80 mm.
  3. Choice of operation mode – the manufacture is carried out either in manual or automatic mode.
  4. Range of use - with atypical segments, the bending of square tubes, flat ovals, profiles and flat or square bars is possible.



Bending Machine in Basic Design

TUBE BENDING MACHINE XOT 80 CNCThe tube bending machine is delivered as an assembly making up the following package:

  • Complete bending machine XOT 80 CNC
  • Support stand with control console
  • Drive of segments Ø 40 mm
  • Drive of segments Ø 80 mm
  • Holder of mandrels

Tube bending machine functioning

The tube bender allows the clamping of tubes measuring between the start of first bend to the end of tube up to 3600 mm. For still longer tubes special equipment must be ordered.

The movement of all mechanisms is maintained by the hydraulic equipment of the tube bender through the hydraulic unit with the respective compressed-oil distributors. A tube bend is performed by hydraulic cylinder, which is connected to three-row roller chain guided over two chain wheels. A chain wheel drives the bending arm, which carries the hydraulic cylinder for clamping the tube to the segment. When performing a bend, the bending segment is driven along with the bending arm. The return of the segment is ensured by slow-running hydraulic motor.

The lengthwise tube feed between individual bends is carried out using the slide equipped with collet chuck, the slide being driven by slow-running hydraulic motor over pinion and toothed rack. The turning the tube around its longitudinal axis allows the execution of individual bends in various planes in space. The rotation is ensured by slow-running hydraulic motor over worm and worm gear.

The tube bending machine is controlled by the Siemens S7-CPU 314 control system. The operation is via the TP177B touch panel located on portable support stand. The control system allows tube bending in both manual and automatic mode. The control panel communicates with the operator through pre-selected screens, so called frames. The operation via the frames is transparent and rather intuitive.


Technical Parameters

Range of bent diameters [mm] 20 ÷ 80
Bending segments for tube diameters [mm] 20 25 28 30 32 35
44 51 60 80 Atyp.
["] ½ ¾   1 2    
Bend diameters on tube axis [mm] 60 75 90 110 130 150 180 240 60÷250
Max. cross-section of bent materials XOT80CNC_PROFILY
Max. length of clamped tube [mm] 3 600
Dimensions w x l x h [mm] 4 780 × 1 490 × 1 330
Weight [kg] 1 750
Input [kW] 5
Supply voltage [V] 400
Max. torqe on spindle [Nm] 22 400

Accessory equipment

Separate accessories:

  • Bending segments TR 20 - 80 mm
  • Fixtures and slide elements
  • Atypical segments
  • Mandrels for thin-walled tubes

Additional equipment for bending flat and square bars

  • This additional equipment is designed for bending flat and square bars on small bend radii.
  • It is inserted into the tube bender spindle and fastened to the clamping cylinder and to the holder of slide elements. It allows the bending of flat bars of up to 100 x 20 mm and square bars of max. 40 mm on a radius of 10 ÷ 30 mm. The maximum bend radius at R = 10 - 14 mm is 120°, with radii of R = 15 - 30 mm it is 180°.

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