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Roller Burnishing Tools

Roller burnishing tools

Roller burnishing tools are designed for smoothing and hardening both outer and inner cylindrical or flat surfaces of machine parts. These tools can be used on lathes, milling cutters, boring machines, boring lathes and other special-purpose machines.

They allow to reach surface roughness Ra = 0,4 ÷ 0,1 µm, enhance surface bearing capacity and hardness, and improve sliding properties and resistance against wear.

Why use the roller burnishing technology? 

Roller burnishing is the final operation on a manufactured part. It can replace grinding or honing. It is a modern chipless machining technology (forming) that improves the surface quality of workpiece. Our roller burnishing tools work on a simple principle, where a hard rolling element is pressed against the surface of workpiece. This process generates surface pressure that results in desired reformation of the surface layer of material.   

Simple use and high efficiency of our products will help you enhance the quality of your production, thus making your customers even more satisfied.


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