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Tube Bending Machine XOTL 60

Tube Bending Machine XOTL 60

Professional electric tube bending machine equipped with programmable control, fully suited both for piece- and serial industrial manufacture. The control unit enables digital reading, bending angle selection and distance admeasurement between individual bends. In the enhanced version of control unit, the bending machine may be equipped with accessories for electric lengthwise tube feed and electric chuck turning.

As all of our tube bending machines, the XOTL 60 enables the user to make precise and high-quality spatial cold tube bends. It is designed for bending thin-walled and thick-walled steel tubes up to Ø 60 mm. It is also possible to bend square tubes, flat oval tubes, profiles, flat and square bars, when using atypical segments.

The bending machine is built using the modular (building-block) concept. Thus, it can be equipped with additional accessories to comply with the requirements of your production schedule.




Bending Machine in Basic Design

Tube Bending Machine XOTL 60

In the basic design, the bending machine XOTL 60 allows to bend thick-wall tubes with the proportion of external diameter to wall thickness lower than 12 ÷ 15.

It is supplied with:


  • exchangeable 1" and 1½" carriers,
  • two pairs of universal rollers,
  • clamping center of segments TR 38-60 mm. 



Already in the basic design, the bending machine is equipped with a two-speed electric drive and control unit. The control unit is located in the control console on separate mobile stand.  Also, the machine can be supplemented with series manufactured segments TR 20-60 mm with the diameter of bend 3D on tube axis, for bending thick-walled tubes.

Basic accessories

  • Exchangeable 1" carrier
  • Universal rollers TR 20-35 mm with  holder
  • Exchangeable 1½" carrier
  • Universal rollers TR 38-60 mm

  • Segment of TR 20-35 mm series
  • Segment of TR 38-60 mm series
  • TR 38-60 mm segment clamping center
  • TR 38-60 mm segment bracket

Technical Parameters

Range of bent diameters [mm]

20 ÷ 60

Bending segments for tube diameters




28 30

32 35












Bend diameters on tube axis [mm]









Max. cross-section of bent materials


Dimensions w x l x h [mm]

1 550 × 530 × 1050

Weight [kg]


Input [kW]

2.6 / 3.1

Supply voltage [V]


Output speed [min-1]

1.44 / 2.85

Extra accessories extending the bending machine operating capabilities

Special accessory PZ 60

  • It enables the bending of thin-walled tubes and making spatial bends.


Dimensions w x h x l [mm]

Weight [kg]

Special accessory PZ 60

PZ 60/2

875 x 1350 x 2420


PZ 60/3

875 x 1350 x3420


PZ 60/4

875 x 1350 x 4420


PZ 60/5

875 x 1350 x 5420


PZ 60/6

875 x 1350 x 6420


Accessories of segments for thin-walled tubes

  • Enable to clamp and bend thin-walled tubes with the proportion D/t > 15.
  • Firm and fast clamping along the whole of tube circumference is ensured by clamping bracket with circular cam and by profile liners.
  • It is necessary to use a profile pair of rollers and a fixed or ball mandrel for each thin-walled tube to avoid its deformation.
  • Profile liners,
  • clamping bracket with circular cam,
  • fixed mandrel,
  • profile rollers.
  • TR 38-60 mm series segment with 
    clamping for thin-walled tubes.

Atypical segments

  • It is possible to deliver atypical segments outside series production, exactly designed according to customer's requirements.
  • We also produce segments for bending square tubes, flat ovals, profiles and flat or square bars.

Digital length admeasurement

Digital length admeasurementLength admeasurement is intended for measuring length between bends by means of linear magnetic admeasuring system located on the lengthwise frame of additional accessories PZ 60. The free end of the bent tube clamped in bending segment is, after slipping it over the additional accessory, fixed into three-jaw chuck. After finishing first bend, the scale is set to zero and the bent tube is drawn by the length value between the end of the first and the start of the next bend as specified in the drawing. The current value of tube displacement is digitally shown on control unit display.

Pneumatic release of mandrel

Pneumatic release of mandrel

The pneumatic release of mandrel after finishing the bend allows the mandrel to be released directly from the control console. The mandrel holder is controlled by pneumatic cylinder located in the back of the additional accessory PZ 60. 


Hydraulic equipment of tube bending machine

This equipment is designed to bending thin-walled tubes on small radii. It consists in equipping the tube bending machine with hydraulic unit and two hydraulic cylinders, of which one ensures the clamping of tube, the other serves the purpose of releasing the mandrel after finishing the bend (pneumatic release not needed) . The delivery comprises also the holder of bronze smoothers, which ensures surface quality on inner curve of bent tube.

Hydraulic equipment of tube bending machine

Hydraulic tube clamping in the chuck

Hydraulic tube clampingIt allows quick clamping pipe ends in the chuck, herewith is the productivity of the tube bending machine increased. The basis of this accessories is hydraulic cylinder, which is connected to hydraulic unit of the tube bending machine.  For a determinate diameters of pipes are supplied exchangeable clamping head and the clamping jaws.


Special accessory for bending flat and square bars

The accessory allows the bending of flat and square bars on small radii.

Electric tube lengthwise feed

The carriage, on which the three-jaw chuck for tube clamping is fastened, is moved by asynchronous motor with feedback IRC sensor and bevel gear. The advance of carriage is driven by a chain embedded in plastic guide. The command to advance the carriage to a pre-set value is issued by the operator by pressing the respective button in the control console.
Electric tube lengthwise feed Electric tube lengthwise feed

Electric turning of chuckElectric turning of chuck

The turning of chuck by a desired angle is driven by asynchronous motor with feedback IRC sensor on the motor shaft, connected to bevel gear and worm drive. The command therefore is issued by the operator by pressing the respective button in the control console.

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