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Tube Bending Machines XOTR

This is a series of universal manual tube bending machines of modular concept design for both workmanlike- and industrial production. Among their advantages is the modular concept design which makes it possible to satisfy even customers‘specific requirements. Another favorable feature of the series is mobility to allow its application especially for erection work.

This series is designed for bending both thin- and thick-walled tubes. With XOTR 35 up to Ø 35 mm while with XOTR 60 up to Ø 60 mm. The bending process is cold bending and the machine run is achieved by hand-, electric- or compressed-air drive.



Bending Machines in the Basic Design

In their basic design, the bending machines are intended to be fixed into the vice and are delivered with manual ratchet wrench drive. They enable the bending of thick-walled tubes with the proportion of external diameter (D) to wall thickness (t) lower than 12 ÷ 15 (D/t).

Manual Tube Bending
Machine XOTR 35

Manual Tube Bending
Machine XOTR 60

Tube Bending Machines XOTR 35 Tube Bending Machines XOTR 60
Segments TR 20-35 mm Segments TR 35-60 mm

Technical Parameters

Range of bent diameters [mm] 20 ÷ 35 35 ÷ 60
Bending segments for tube diameters [mm] 20 25 28 30 32 35 35 38 44 51  
["] ½ ¾   1   2
Bent radius on tube axis [mm] 60 75 90 110 110 130 150 180
Maximal cross-section of bent pieces Maximal cross-section of bent pieces XOTR 35 Maximal cross-section of bent pieces XOTR 60
Basic accessories:
  • body
  • transmission
  • segments
  • ratchet wrench
Cassette dimensions [mm] 740 × 260 × 185
550 × 340 × 200
860 × 310 × 215
360 × 260 × 220 - 2×
Weight [kg] 30
25 - 2×


Thanks to the modular concept design, there is a very practical option of successive adding of accessories. If need arises to extend the operating capabilities of bending machines, you need not provide a new equipment, buying a specific component will do.

Special accessory OS 35 (OS 60) – extension to thin-walled tube bending

Intended for bending thin-walled tubes and spatial bends.

Dimensions [mm]Weight [kg]Tube diameters [mm]
650 × 1 800 × 1 000 55 20 ÷ 60


The bending machines can be equipped with electric- or compressed-air drive, thus replacing the original hand drive. Such replacement is recommended when bending a larger quantity of pieces.

PP 400
pneumatic drive
Input air pressureMax. air consumptionSpeed
0,2 ÷ 0,6 MPa 0,9 m3 · min-1 1 ÷ 4,2 min-1
EPN 400
elektric drive
Input powerVoltageSpeed
760 W 230 V 0,7 ÷ 1,2 min-1

Accessories for thin-walled tubes

These accessories enable to clamp and bend thin-walled tubes with the proportion D/t > 15. Firm and fast clamping along the whole circumference of tube is ensured by the clamp bracket with circular cam and profile liner. In order to avoid tube deformation, it is necessary to use a profile pair of rollers and one firm or ball mandrel for every thin-walled tube.

  • Profile liners
  • Clamp bracket with circular cam
  • Firm mandrel
  • Profile rollers

Atypical segments

In case of special requirements by a customer, it is possible to deliver atypical segments outside the serial production. We also produce segments for the bending of square tubes, flat ovals and sectional steel.

Modification XOTR 60 » XOTR 35

To enable the bending of tubes with a diameter 20 mm ÷ 1" on the serial segments of the tube bending machine XOTR 35 in the body of the XOTR 60, it is necessary to use a set of clamp adapters and a pair of universal rollers.

  • Segment pad
  • Segment pivot
  • Gear adapter
  • Universal rollers

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