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Research and Development

Own research in the field of mechanical engineering is since the founding of the company one of the major driving forces that gets us constantly one step ahead of the competition. Ever since the founding, we have been one of the innovative companies with in-house research and development.

A partial coverage of the costs for the introduction of the manufacture of CNC undefloor lathe was possible in that in the year 2000 our company gained a contribution from a government's program to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the form of free of interest financial repayable aid from the TECHNOS program. In addition to the development, which is fully financed from own sources, we have already three times succeeded in a public competition for the provision of targeted support from the IPULSE program focused on the solution of research and development projects:

  • In 2004, our company started working on the solution of the project FI-IM/195 - Measuring device for tram wheel profiles (acronym "MZTK"). This project was completed successfully in December 2005; it has a direct relationship to the problem of underfloor lathe in that it expands their productive and economic use. The above measuring device allows contactless measurement of tram wheels profiles.

  • With regard to the success of the manufacturing program "Underfloor lathes", the company decided to extend its production by CNC underfloor lathes with a load capacity of 150 and 250 kN. These lathes allow the working of all metro and railroad wheels. The project FI-IM2/173 - Underfloor lathe PUS-CNC was completed on 31.12.2006.

  • The latest project that we worked on within the scope of the program for research and development IMPULSE is the project FI-IM3/152 – Tube bending machine XOT 80 CNC. The project was started in February 2006 and completed in December 2007. The project result was a prototype of this tube bending machine. Our company is currently the only domestic manufacturer of CNC tube bending machines.

All of the above-mentioned projects were implemented under financial support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

Launch of new website

Dear visitors, on 13.04.2015 we launched the new website of our company. We hope that you will like the new form and always find in it the information you need.

Ivan Blyznets
UNIT PLUS s.r.o.